Translator for HPLC HINTS and TIPS for Chromatographers

Saturday, November 26, 2016

HPLC Detector Optical SLIT WIDTH Selection

A few notes on HPLC Optical Slit Width selection:

  1. The chosen slit width setting determines the amount of light which is directed to the detector.
  2. For most HPLC methods, a slit width value of 4 nm is suggested. 
  3. Bandwidth should be set at least as wide as the optical slit width.

Characteristics of Narrow Optical Slit Widths:
  • Less light falls on the detector
  • Less signal intensity
  • Increased baseline noise
  • S/N ratio decreases
  • Spectral resolution improves which allows for more accurate spectral identification.
Characteristics of Wide Optical Slit Widths:
  • More light falls on the detector
  • Greater signal intensity
  • Decreased baseline noise 
  • S/N ratio improves
  • Spectral resolution decreases and detail is lost. Less accurate spectral identification and an increase in errors for spectral library matching.