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Monday, April 4, 2011

Microsoft "Undo" and "Redo" Shortcut

Here is a quick Microsoft Windows tip that I often use. They work with most Microsoft Windows based applications. The undo and redo features.

  • To "Undo" what you just did or typed, hold down  CTRL and  Z.
  • To "Redo" what you just did or typed, hold down CTRL and Y.

That is it. I find this shortcut handy when the program I am using either does not have a menu tool for this feature or it is located deep in the menu. This is quick and simple.

Here are a few more that you probably know, but are used often.
  • To "COPY" something, hold down  CTRL and  C.
  • To "CUT" something, hold down CTRL and X.
  • To "PASTE" something, hold down CTRL and V.
Want to learn more ? Here is a link to a list of common shortcuts provided by Microsoft. 


  1. Thank you for share this informative post.

  2. Works on art programs too.

  3. Thanks, for just search for this. Great help

  4. Thankss just looking for shortcut to redo :)

  5. Thank you. I was in panic mode because of something I accidentally deleted. The search popped up with your page to save the day!! :)