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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Windows "Desktop Cleanup" Feature

OK, this is not directly related to chromatography, but I thought that others out there might enjoy this Microsoft Windows tip. Besides being a scientist, I also have provided business and laboratory computer network services to clients for almost two decades. One of the many "annoying" Windows features is the "Desktop Cleanup" feature which pops up on the lower menu bar every sixty days. This annoying little program asks you to review all of the shortcuts on your desktop space to choose which ones you would like to keep. Well, that was one of those "features" that I could do without and promptly disabled it for good. It turns out that it also annoys a large number of my clients too so I would like to pass on how you can disable this feature in Windows XP Pro (other versions of Windows are similar, but I will use XP in this example).

To disable the Windows "Desktop Cleanup" Feature:
 (1) Right click your mouse in an empty area of your desktop.
 (2) Click on 'Properties' (Display Properties).
 (3) Click on the 'Display' tab.
 (4) Click on 'Customize Desktop'.
 (5) Uncheck the box next to "Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days".
 (6) Click 'OK' to exit out of the menus. Done.

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